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Woolly Woolly hat by Tanya Goen, inspired by Edward Pincombe's tee

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We've brought in some great talent to determine the winners of our esteemed contest. In addition to one or two Threadless staffers and myself, the following crafty folks will be taking your amazing creations to task:

Leah Kramer from

Leah is a computer programmer and self-proclaimed craft junkie who has been crafting ever since she could hold a pair of safety scissors. Somewhere along the lines she thinks she inhaled too much glue because now she is attracted to crafts that are irreverent, ironic, kitschy, or cleverly eco-friendly. In 2003 Leah started the online crafting community

Heather Mann

Heather Mann is an omni-crafter who publishes, a daily blog devoted to sharing cool crafts at dollar store prices, and is the founding editor at, where crafters can confess their crafty sins.

Wendy D. Johnson from

Wendy D. Johnson is a lifelong knitter who has since April 2002 maintained a popular knitting blog: She is the author of Wendy Knits, Socks From the Toe Up, and the upcoming Toe Up Socks for Everybody. Her designs and articles have also appeared online and she has been quoted and featured in major knitting magazines.

Erin Harris from

Erin Harris started crafting at a young age and really thinks that 7th grade home ec was the best class she ever took. Her sewing projects have been published Pretty Little Patchwork, A is for Aprons, Quilts Baby!, Adorn magazine, Somerset Life and Stitch. She lives in Kentucky with her husband and two daughters. Follow her crafty adventures on her website,

A few others...

We've got a mix of a few other people, including your host, amongst others. The full list will be made available when scoring is revealed!